Design For Change has been conducting continuous studies to reaffirm the impact of the FIDS approach on the holistic development of children

The Good Project, a research initiative under Project Zero at Harvard Graduate School of Education, has been affiliated with Design for Change (DFC) for several years. As two groups sharing similar interests in youth development - specifically, encouraging young people to “do good”, we benefit from being thought partners for and supporters of each other’s work. The Good Project has been able to utilize its expertise in studying ethical thinking and designing curriculum materials to assess the impact of DFC’s educational programs.

Design for Change along with The GoodWork project and supported by DContinum conducted a research to gauge the impact of what were the attitudinal shifts and the skills inculcated through DFC. Given below is a glimpse of the findings. Feel free to download the full research powerpoint done with the teachers, students and principals.

Research conducted by The GoodWork Project has reaffirmed the impact of the DFC curriculum on the development of skills like collaboration, creative thinking & empathy. Ongoing research suggests that the confidence developed through the project improves academic scores as well.Their latest effort, the 8th grade curriculum, has the potential to provide students with exposure to important student development areas (empathetic thinking, problem-solving, confidence) in the context of DFC ‘s principles. In order to ensure that the curriculum works for this purpose, The Good Project is currently assessing the impact of the 8th grade curriculum on students over the 2014-2015 school year.

ASSET (Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing), India, a scientifically designed, skill-based assessment test conducted by Educational Initiatives will help us determine the impact of design thinking curriculum on academic scores of the participating students.

For more information on the research and/or for participation/collaboration, please contact:
Akanksha Agarwal (+91-9737238035)

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