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形式:以個人或小組為單位,最多由 5 人組成,並由 1 至 2 位成人引導及負責聯絡協調工作。



1.    感受Feel  - 觀察生活上潛在的問題或想達成的願望。

2.    Imagine  - 想出解決或改善問題的創新方法。

3.    實行Do - 用最少的資源及一星期時間去實行。

4.    分享Share  - 把故事分享給身邊的人和全世界,影響更多人行動



1.       作品語言須為中文或英文。

2.       作品中需要包含作品名稱、組別名稱及清晰表達如何進行四個挑戰步驟。

3.       記錄進行四個挑戰步驟的整個過程,可以用拍照、錄影、錄音或文字記錄等。

4.   作品須以影片(35分鐘的短片,格式為mp4)、投影片(格式為ppt或pptx)或報告(格式為doc、docx或pdf)的形式展示









1.    參賽組別可以學校、社團機構或自由組隊參加,同一學校或社團機構參賽隊數不限。

2.    每個參賽組別可遞交多於一份作品,每人亦可參加多於一個組別。

3.       報名後,如欲加減或更改參加者資料,必須於截止收件日期之前提出,並須經主辦單位同意。

4.    作品必須原創,不可包含侵權的內容 (如: 圖片或音樂等),而且未曾以任何形式發表。涉及侵權的作品,主辦單位有權取消其參賽資格。

5.    所有遞交作品之版權、創作和使用權當屬主辦單位所有,主辦單位可用作任何宣傳或推廣用途。

6.    作品一經遞交,主辦單位可將其內容編輯、發表或上載於網站、社交網絡作宣傳等用途,而無須徵求參賽者同意。

7.    因應作品質素,主辦單位保留懸空或取消獎項之權利。

8.    主辦單位可在活動期間拍攝及錄影,所得的照片及影片可作為宣傳用途。

9.    參賽者提供的個人資料均會保密,並僅用於本活動。

10.  主辦單位對本次活動擁有最終決定權。


報名日期:即日起至 2017 年 4 月 15 日止

收件日期:即日起至 2017 年 4 月 30 日止








In the community, school or family, you can find different kinds of problems. Which one do you want to

solve at most? Take this challenge. Change the problem in one week by your creativity. Believe in

yourself. You can change the world now!



Macao residents aged from 6 to 17 (including the permanent and non-permanent).



Students will be formed as an individual unit or a group with at most 5 members, with 1 or 2 adults as mentor and coordinator.



1. Feel  - What troubles you the most and you would like to change

2. Imagine  - Figure out creative ways to solve or improve

3. Do - Implement the selected idea in a week with the least of resources

4. Share  - Share your story to the others and the world to inspire more people to take action. 



1. All submissions should be in Chinese or English.

2. Title of the story, name of the team and descriptions about the four steps should be stated clearly in all submissions.

3. The whole process (including all 4 steps) must be recorded in the submissions. Photos, videos, audios and text records are allowed.

4. All submissions should be presented as video (about 3 to 5 minutes, format: mp4), PowerPoint presentation (with photos and text, format: ppt or pptx) or report (with photos and text, format: doc, docx or pdf).



Download the participation form from DFC website and fill it in by computer with accuracy. Then email it to submitdfc@gmail.com. Data will be used for issuing certificates by the organizer. After successful application, the organizer will reply and provide the guideline for online submission.



Download the submission form from DFC website and fill it in by computer. According to the guideline provided by the organizer, please upload your submission, the original files of the photos (jpeg files) and videos (mp4 files) shown inside and the submission form (doc file). 


Points to Note:

1. Participating groups can be in the name of their representing schools or organizations, or form the group by themselves. There is no limit for the number of teams in the same school or organization.

2. Each group can submit more than one work. Each person can join more than one group.

3. After application, adding or changing the participant information must be raised before the deadline of submission. And it is subject to the approval of the organizer.

4. The production must be original, not to commit a tort like pictures, music, etc. and not yet presented to the public in any circumstances, Organizer reserves the right to disqualify the infringing works.

5. The copyright of all the submissions will be belonged to the organizer. Therefore, the organizer has the right to use it for any purpose of advertisement and promotion. 

6. Once the production being submitted, the organizer has the right to edit and publish them in the website and social network for the promotion purpose without seeking any agreement with the contestants.

7. According to the quality of the submissions, the organizer reserves the rights to suspend or cancel the qualification of the awards.

8. The organizer will have photo and video taking during the event. All the photos and videos will be used for promotion purpose.

9. All personal information will be kept confidentially and used for this challenge only.

10. The organizer reserves the right to make adjustments to the rules above.


Date of Application: From now to 15th April 2017.

Date of Submission: From now to 30th April 2017.

The 6th DFC Creativity Sharing Activity and Special Experience: In July 2017. Details will be announced later.

Exchange Trip: In the second half of 2017. Details will be informed later.


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